Consumer Education
OEM vs Compatible
OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer.  Compatible means it works in the same machines but is manufactured by someone other than the OEM.  Both OEM and Compatible cartridges contain recycled materials.  All Compatible cartridges are not remanufactured the same way.  The Yorktown Platinum and Emerald series cartridges are manufactured from carefully selected partners that are all ISO 9000 certified as well as being STMC certified guaranteeing consistently high quality cartridges.  We offer a Lifetime warranty.  Using compatible cartridges saves money and has a positive effect on the environment.  An educated consumer is our best customer.
Benefits by using Yorktown Compatibles
  1. Best of Breed quality, Buy with Confidence - Lifetime Warranty.
  2. Good for the environment - helping to save our landfills and the earth!
  3. Saves you money $$$